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Panasuisse Legal
Office One Building
50th and 58th Streets
City of Panama
Republic of Panama
Phone+507 264 1929
Fax+507 264 1925

Peace of mind through security


Established in 2000, Panasuisse brings together the experience and expertise of two premier financial jurisdictions. As a Panamanian based service provider with an agent in Switzerland, Panasuisse is able to provide quality service in the establishment and management of Panamanian foundations and companies and in the registration of ships and yachts in the world's largest open shipping register.

Republic of Panama

Panama has a strong tradition and reputation as an offshore jurisdiction and is one of the leading international banking centres in the world. Today, Panama continues to strengthen its claim as an efficient and reliable financial centre with well developed infrastructure and highly qualified personnel in the banking and legal professions.

Advantages of Panama as an Offshore Jurisdiction

•  Strict adherance to confidentiality laws
•  Panama is a sovereign state and therefore does not adhere to common law
•  Efficient public registry with exceptional service
•  Established financial centre – proximity to professionals
•  No forced heirship
•  No inheritance tax
•  The official currency is US dollars