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Republic of Panama
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Peace of mind through confidentiality


Panamanian companies can be incorporated quickly and are tax exempt. Companies can be used effectively for trade, yacht ownership, share holdings and other business purposes or simply to act as directors on the board of other companies.


Panasuisse structures, incorporates, administers and, if need be, manages your offshore companies in Panama. With vast experience in dealing with Panamanian companies, Panasuisse designs the corporate structure that best meets our clients’ individual needs. We also provide professional directors where requested to reduce the administrative burden on clients whilst ensuring the company complies with all local laws.


•  Confidentiality and anonymity for shareholders
•  Cost efficient
•  Directors may be individuals or corporations of any nationality
•  Exemption from taxation on income derived from outside the Republic of
•  Speed of incorporation
•  Allow for asset protection and investment diversification